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One-of-a-kind venue for spiritual events.

In 2011, we will reconstruct a 1500 sf Pura Desa Temple building from Bali. The Pura Desa is the community center for group events and activities. This Temple is 150 years old and originally was made of solid teakwood. This Temple will be a private residence and available for special, private services and events.

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The Temple of Light is a joglo design and is being reconstructed in Bali with merbau wood. The original design is maintained and most of the original wood will be used. The merbau is for structural integrity.

Maya in front of joglo

Joglo under reconstruction

Joglo Design: The Temple is designed according to sacred geometry. Pure crystals, sacred stones and copper wiring will be placed into the foundation to conduct and contain energy. The joglo will have a plexi-glass skylight at the top of the pyramid to see the sky. Then directly underneath the skylight, cut into the foundation floor, there will be a 5 foot diameter circle. The circular hole in the floor will contain crystals, lava rock and a water feature. It will be covered with plexi-glass so we can view it and walk on it. The joglo front will have two entry ways of 8 foot carved, teakwood double-doors on each side and a floor to ceiling glass window in the center. As you approach the joglo, you will be able to see the ocean view through the center glass window.

Divine Unions: Weddings for a Lifetime

Bless your Divine Union in this one and only 150 year old authentic Balinese Temple with your loved ones surrounding you on your exquisite day.
Visit Divine-Unions.Net for information.

Story of how the Temple came to Hawaii

In May 2005, Maya Dolena traveled to Bali with the Women of Spirit Journey. This was certainly a transformational experience overall. During the journey Maya received a Shamanic Astrology reading which said her project for this lifetime was to take care of the next seven generations. Thinking to herself that it was difficult enough to take care of herself, she could not fathom what this meant or how she would do it.

She remained in Bali for ten more days after the 10 day spiritual journey. During that time, Kutira, leader of the journey, asked Maya to accompany her to see a building. This was the 150 year old Temple building. Kutira realized that this building was too large for her property and not what she needed. So she turned to Maya and said, "I guess this must be for you." Maya was not ready to accept that this building was hers to purchase. Where would she put it?

Just before Maya went to Bali she put an offer in for a 5 acre property in Hawaii. While she was in Bali, escrow closed and the property was hers, a piece of the puzzle was in place.

The owner of the Temple was a 90 year old woman. She wanted to sell the Temple because she knew that when she died her children would fight over it. She wanted to make sure the Temple was in a beautiful place. She said the Temple had been passed down to her for seven generations.

So okay, at this point Maya was sure the Temple was meant for her to steward. She purchased the building and had it renovated. It was shipped to the Big Island of Hawaii in June 2008, awaiting permits before building begins.

The Temple of Light will be used as sacred space for Divine Union Weddings, celebrations, ceremonies of all types, educational workshops, medtation, yoga, healing sessions, and transformational experiences.


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