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Pele Lani, the property, was named after the Hawaiian Goddess Pele, the goddess of the volcano. "Lani" in Hawaiian means "heaven". "Pele's heaven" is the real Hawaii, a tropical jungle paradise.
See the Pele Lani story at the bottom.

Guests have fallen in love with the natural beauty and the peaceful energy that is present on the property. There is a magical quality to Pele Lani that Hawaiians understand. Situated on the 19.5 Latitude North grid line, the energy here accelerates one's growth, development and manifestation of intentions.

It is an absolutely incredible experience to be free from many types of pollution, power lines and stress. You will find this environment very beneficial for your
body, mind and spirit.

Higher Consciousness Vision
We are sacred space for transformational experiences and for healing ourselves and the planet.

Our Vision
Our vision is to utilize the natural landscape and features of this piece of paradise to create a self sustaining environment as a healing, transformational, educational and eco retreat and agricultural center.

Our vision includes organic farming, solar power and a natural water filtration system. On this beautiful 5 acre tropical paradise, we have a 5 year old custom built house as two separate units, a green house, some fruit trees, solar panels and county water. We also have our own private geo-thermal pond. So, we are well on our way toward this vision.

We are building a 1500 sf Pura Desa Temple building from Bali, 150 years old and made of solid teakwood. This Temple will be used as a private meditation, healing and learning space. We also have a Bali type bungalow constructed now and will add more as we expand.

Our Purpose
We serve people from all over the world who want to rejuvenate in a pure, unpolluted, natural environment.

Our Philosophy
We are spiritual beings in the midst of a human experience. We are all connected energetically and respect all life. We practice unconditional love and inclusion. We celebrate our bodies as temples of our higher selves. Our spiritual practices include meditation, tantra yoga, music, chakra energy work, chanting and body movement.
We are ONE Ohana (family).

Our Invitation
We invite you to join a community of higher consciousness people who are dedicated to learning and serving. Be part of our extended family. Bring your own unique skills and talent to contribute to the growth and beauty of this special place while relaxing and rejuvenating in a natural paradise. Spend some time with us, learn about sustainable living, organic farming, landscaping, the culture of Hawaii, Shamanism and experience a variety of transformational experiences conducted by local experts.

Our guests must be 21 years or older.



Pele Lani Work Exchange Program

Organic food spoof on Star Wars


How Pele Lani came to be
In March, 2005, my partner and I were interested in doing some real estate investing in California. As we were discussing the possibilities, he challenged me to find a great property at a great price. We both went on the internet for our search. I googled "For Sale By Owners" because I was sure of finding good deals there. I found a one-acre property on the Russian River and called the phone number.

I was surprised when a real estate agent answered the phone. I commented, "I thought this was a 'by owner' ad." "It is" he said, "I am answering for a friend of mine." As we got in conversation about the property, I asked, "where are you located?" When he said, "The Big Island of Hawaii", my heart jumped. "What is going on there?" I asked.

He started giving me his real estate agent sales pitch when I stopped him. I explained the contest with my partner. Then he said, "Well, there are two properties I think are great properties and great deals. One is a 10 acre coffee farm with a small house for $299,000, but it has 10 offers lined up already." "Yikes!", I said, "what else?" "There is another property, 5 acres, with a custom house and lots of potential. The owner just reduced the price by $200,000. His wife is pregnant and wants to move back home for the birth of their second child. I'm trying to convince my brother to buy it."

"Oh, okay, if you are saving it for your brother...." "I don't think my brother is interested," he interrupted, "you should come to see it."

Three days later, I was on a plane to Hawaii. I had always loved the uniqueness of the Big Island and I was very excited about the property. When I arrived at the property, I was a bit disappointed as the vegetation did not have that lush tropical look. Some of the trees look scraggly. When I commented about this, the agent said, this is an Ohia forest. The trees are growing right out of the lava. They just need a little TLC. The custom house, although small, it was very lovely. The ocean and jungle view was fantastic and it certainly had lots of possibilities. The most important aspect of this property was the energy there. It felt peaceful yet exciting. I pulled out my divination pendulum and it went crazy.

Needless to say, I put in an offer and it was accepted. I started arranging for a mortgage. A few days later, the agent called me. He said, "I have some bad news for you. Someone else put in a CASH offer on the house and it was accepted by the owner." My heart fell and I started crying. "How is that possible? He already accepted my offer." The agent said it was not a done deal yet.

So after crying for a few hours, I sat back and released my attachment to the property. I meditated and I knew if this was not to be mine, there was another property that was better for me.

A few days went by and the agent called me and said, "I have some news for you." "Now what?" I thought. He continued, "The man that put in the cash offer brought his wife to see the property and guess what?" I could not imagine what. "The wife hated the property so he withdrew the offer. So if you still want the property...."
"Yes, yes!" I shouted.

Escrow was to close by the end of April but because of my funding and the seller's need to wrap up some business, we agreed to extend escrow. I already had plans for a spiritual journey with a group of women to Bali on May 15 so I was hoping that we would be done by then. Escrow closed at the end of May, 2005, while I was in Bali. This was the trip when the Temple of Light found me. Read the Temple story on the Temple page.

When I returned from Bali, there was a major downsizing occuring in my company. A couple of months later, I was offered an early retirement package from Hewlett Packard. I knew it was time to leave and pursue my life purpose in Hawaii.


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