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Pele Heaven
Pele Lani Pond
Swim in sacred volcanic mineral water

Pele's Pond is a magical expericence. The volcanic energy which warms the water also energizes it. The minerals (magnesium and calcium, ph8) in the water feel like silk on your skin. Many people have described the Pond as Pele's womb because the water feels so warm and nurturing. Several people have had insights and visions while swimming in the pond and some have had their intentions manifested quickly and easily..

The nightly rains filter through the lava deep into the earth. Then the purified water is heated by Pele's volcano as it flows to the ocean. We tap into this pure, natural stream of energized water.

This natural geo-thermal warm pond is 75 feet long and 65 feet wide. The water is approximately 89 degrees Fahrenheit and about 85% fresh water, 15% salt water fed by lava tubes to the ocean. The Pond water rises and falls with the tides so is typically 12 to 15 feet deep in the center. The Pond walls are surrounded by blue rock and red cinder, beautiful types of lava. The walls of the Pond are in the process of being landscaped with tropical ground cover and colorful tropical plants. The natural lava stone stairway to the water was hand laid with lava uncovered on the property.

Pele's Pond is available for swimming, meditating, releasing, and energizing. Conduct your own energetic water ceremony or theraputic exercises
in this sacred water.


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